Serving the residents of Amador, Calaveras & Tuolumne Counties

Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP)

houseThe sluggish economy has left many of our neighbors to face difficult choices of paying the rent or the electric bill, or buying food or propane to heat their home. We have seen an increase in the numbers of people who are unable to find work, or are working, but still unable to afford housing. Sierra HOPE has been able to offer some support to local families who have become overwhelmed with their circumstances and unable to pay rent, buy heating fuel, or have had water or power shut off.

Through a small grant from the Mark Twain Health Care District, money became available to provide assistance to very-low income residents of Calaveras County. Applicants must meet income requirements and be at imminent risk of becoming homeless or of being without essential utilities such as heat, water, or electricity.

Sierra HOPE has assisted with deposits, past-due rent, and utility bills that seemed out of control. Assistance is subject to availability of funds, which are limited and not sufficient to respond to all of the requests that we receive. However, it has been good for the community and gratifying to the organization to be able to provide this assistance.